Map Your Broken Customer Journey

And Tap Into The Hidden Value Waiting Inside

We help you map your customer journey to create lasting value and trust

Your Customer Journey is one of your greatest business assets, which should be cherished and protected

Is your Customer Journey broken?

How many times have you heard a customer tell you about a bad experience, or that they left a supplier for feeling neglected? How many times has it happened to you?

It happens all too often.  Lots of sweet talking leading up to the sale, and then radio silence once they have your money!  Worse – there are times when you ask for a quote and nobody gets back to you… ever…

All of these situations are examples of broken customer journeys. Broken journeys cause damage to an industry’s reputation, a businesses reputation, credibility and trust. This is why a customer journey mapping is essential in a business

What is most disappointing is that in today’s omnipresent digital world, people are more disconnected than ever and broken customer journeys are still everywhere.

How do we know?  You simply have to look around you everywhere you shop and at everyone, you do business with.  There are only a handful of businesses that lead the way in using customer journey mapping and protecting their customer journeys.

The question is: Will you be one of them?

If your journey isn't mapped, your failures won't be known...

Most businesses assume their customer's journey is intact, but unless it's been mapped there is more than a 75% chance that it's broken.

How does technology help the Customer Journey?

Most people have used or are aware of different technology tools and platforms offering some form of automation.  We are experts in marketing automation, and yet we are focussed on the Customer Journey.

Why? Because it’s the customer journey that matters the most!

The technology is simply the tool to enable the consistent, automatic repetition of the journey.

The biggest mistake people make is to think that a fancy marketing automation platform will solve all their problems when it won’t

Even the best technology platform will never be able to solve the Customer Journey gaps all by itself.

We focus on the Customer Journey and use technology to enhance it, not ruin it!

How do we do it?

We work with businesses to help them identify their customer journey gaps so they can:


Fix the gap
Guarantee a consistent experience
Build trust, value and integrity
Create a point of difference
Mend what's broken
Plan to succeed, not plan to fail
Create lasting relationships
Build raving fans

Here’s where you can begin…

We’ve been doing customer journey mapping for over sixteen years, for all sizes of businesses from corporate to small businesses.

We begin with undertaking a Customer Journey Marketing Audit to identify where the current gaps are in your entire Digital Marketing process and to identify your priorities. Then, as digital marketing consultant, we will give you the list of priority action steps along with a strategy for developing your Ideal Customer Journey.

From there, we can automate up to 80% of the entire process without affecting the experience a customer has with you.

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Want To Plug The Gaps In Your Customer Journey?

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