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We put change-makers on the right path

. . .so they can serve the right people

. . .in the right way

. . .with the biggest impact

. . .Do you know who your Ideal Customer really is?

Most people’s answer to this is “yes of course!” – but do you really? We find that most businesses (like about 99% of them) that we work with haven’t taken the time to find this out at a really deep level.

So what ends up happening is they are spending a lot of time and money that isn’t efficiently spent, and the ROI is just isn’t there. Which also can lead to increased frustration and tiredness at not being able to make the impact that you want to make.

. .Are you wasting your time and energy on marketing that doesn’t work?

As a purpose-led business owner you will have your hands full of ideas, plans, strategies, and activity.

Your time and energy is precious and therefore needs to be protected at all costs! Hence you need to ensure that your upfront marketing efforts are being seen and heard by the right people who really want to hear from you – so that we can put change-makers on the right path so you can serve the right people in the right way with the biggest impact


“Most people market their products blindly, hoping for the best!” Aveline Clarke

.Are you clear on how to engage your Ideal Customer and what to say to them?

How you engage with your Ideal Customer before they become a prospect is critical to the success of your marketing efforts. The first few seconds on a website, or the first few seconds of a video can make all the difference – where you will capture their attention, or not.

Having the right language to use up front with them is one piece of the puzzle; having the right way to say it across the different media and channels is the other piece. Without those key elements, you will struggle to engage your Ideal Customer at all.

We begin by helping you connect with your ideal world-class customers. . .

. . .Clever automation tools do not replace the human touch

If you’re using automation in your business, it’s important to understand the role that it plays and how to utilise it best, without just taking someone else’s ‘off the shelf’ process and thinking that will work for you.

Worse: many people think that it’s the automation that will create efficiencies in their marketing and do all the hard work at converting a new customer. This thinking will cost you a lot of time, money and energy.

. .You Are NOT Your Ideal Customer!

It sounds common sense, but in fact the big majority of businesses we talk to think that they ARE their ideal customer, and they do this by making up the needs, wants, and internal emotional drivers of their Ideal Customer – which actually comes from THEM and not their Ideal Customer!

Most Business Owners do this to save time and cut corners. They think that by making assumptions about their Ideal Customer that they’ll be right because they are the expert at their business! Sadly, this couldn’t be further from the truth. This is a huge problem that trips most business owners up, without them even knowing it.


“People are craving more human connection than ever” Aveline Clarke

.Your Ideal Customer Needs A Journey Worth Remembering

All experiences have the opportunity of being positive or negative, and filled with touch points and events along the way. It is your responsibility to ensure that your Ideal Customer doesn’t get left behind, forgotten, or not given what they need at any one point in time of the journey. So you’ve got to map the gaps of the journey!

Remember that when we look back on our experiences, we will always remember how someone or something made us feel, so it’s critically important that you create a journey that is mapped from start to finish, and is filled with opportunities for meaning, connection and positive memories.

. . .then we put your genius to work on your customer’s behalf to create a world-class customer journey for them. . .

. . .Get Clarity on your Ideal Customer

The clarity you can achieve once you’ve gone through the process of identifying your Ideal Customer is huge! You’ll feel relieved, excited and ready to move forward with gusto!

Not only that, but your team will start focussing on the right person to sell to, and your internal conversations will take on a different flavour as you focus on your Ideal Customer only.

. .Create The Right Connections and Messages

Instead of creating things on the fly, or leaving things to ‘chance’, the most efficient and successful way of ensuring you create meaningful moments of connection with your customers is to CREATE them. This includes what you say, what you present, and how you sell your products to people in the most meaningful way.


“Your WHO is the most important person in your business” Aveline Clarke

.Create Your Ideal Customer’s Journey

Your greatest opportunity to differentiate your business to your competitors is with your customer journey! Yet this can’t be done on it’s own without the first 2 steps of identifying your Ideal Customer and then creating your Connections. The Customer Journey includes the entire experience of your ideal customer going through the experience of your business and engaging with you through the sales process and post-sales to being a happy and long term customer.

. . . and at every journey point we make sure you are using your resources in the most efficient and effective ways.

Here’s where you can begin

. . .We can help you ensure that your marketing efforts are not being wasted, and that your change impact hits the mark in your desired market or industry – so that we can put change-makers on the right path so you can serve the right people in the right way with the biggest impact…

Our approach is to take people on a journey through three distinct phases that enable you to Connect, Educate, and Activate your purpose with your ideal customer in the marketplace.


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