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Marketing automation is a marketing ‘game-changer’. It’s an effective and simple way to keep your existing customers and your potential customers, or leads, to create and sustain your brand’s awareness to target customers, while minimising the drain on your precious resources. It is no secret that marketing automation has helped many businesses scale. Businesses that implement marketing automation experience an average of a 451% increase in qualified leads (Business2Community). Before we share with you 3 reasons why marketing automation should be your top business growth strategy, we need to know what exactly is marketing automation?

Marketing Automation refers to the software that can perform certain tasks without, or with significantly reduced, human interaction.

Marketing Automation takes your time-consuming and repetitive marketing tasks and mechanises them.

There are many ways you can automate your marketing initiatives such as automating your email campaigns, social media posts, SMS messaging, etc.

Setting this up effectively can bring so many benefits to your business which is why you should prioritise having a automated marketing strategy. Here are 3 reasons why marketing automation should be your top business growth strategy:


1. Systemise your marketing

What is the current state of your marketing process? Does it give your brand a good and trustworthy image? Does your marketing process provide a great customer journey experience, one that is memorable to your customers which makes them loyal to your brand?

With marketing automation, your marketing process puts in place a system for getting results which are better marketing efforts – consistent and effective ones.

A systemised market through automation gives you more time to focus on other business operations whilst taking care of your customers and potential leads.


2. Provide accurate and useful data report

An accurate data report is one of the keys in knowing how to attract clients and keep loyal ones. With marketing automation, you can access all the data you need, you can learn what works and what doesn’t, without your staff having to spend more time working on it.

This saves you time to manually tabulate marketing effort results.


3. Increase chances of lead conversion

Marketing automation helps you build personalised connections with EVERY customer, and thus, greatly improves overall customer experience.

You can send an automated email after a customer buys a product or service from you. These simple automated messages make a lot of difference for your business and in keeping a certain customer happy.

Ultimately, marketing automation helps in business growth by improving the system in your marketing process, giving you accurate data that you need to grow your business, increasing your chances of lead conversion through great customer service. It also helps in lead generation. 61% that increasing lead generation is the most important strategic goal of marketing automation. (SocialMediaToday).

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