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If you’re struggling to attract high-quality customers, it may be that you haven’t considered creating a customer persona.

Otherwise known as customer avatars, crafting and using accurate customer personas are worth their weight in gold. In fact, Steve Eakin, Founder of Startup Black Belt, says it best when he said: “If you don’t have a good customer avatar, you’re losing money.”

We couldn’t agree more with this statement, but to develop this idea further, we’ve outlined seven reasons why you should start matching customer avatars to your brand.

Let’s dive in!

What’s a Customer Avatar?

You may have a general inkling of who your customers are, but how about some really drilled down specifics?

Knowing precisely who your customers are, their likes, dislikes, their name, location, income, career, marital status, what their favorite internet hangouts are, and their journey with you, is what’s known as a customer avatar.

It’s a profile that has no assumptions in it, but plenty of facts supported by data. If you don’t have that knowledge, then you can’t map your customer journey.

A customer avatar is real and grounded. This means it’s not that high ideal you may have in your head about how you want all your customers to be big high rolling spenders who just buy from you again and again.

That’s everyone’s dream, and by having a customer avatar, you’re taking the first steps towards that dream.

Here are seven reasons why you should match customer avatars to your brand.

1. Broad vs. Specific Doesn’t Work

If you tailor your marketing strategies and tactics towards attracting everyone, they’ll end up attracting no one. If you try to speak to a broad-based audience in the same terms, you’re less likely to connect or resonate with any kind of audience.

It’s also likely that by adopting these tactics, you’ll end up spending way more than if you segmented and tailored your messages according to your different customer avatars.

For example, if you know which social media sites your avatars use regularly and buy from, you can target them accordingly. As opposed to throwing tons of money at marketing areas that give you no visible return.

2. Happy Customers

Today’s customers have high expectations across all areas of your business: shipping times, delivery costs, product quality, excellent customer service, fast response times, and so much more.

In today’s connected world, your customers will expect you to keep them happy, expect to be able to reach you with ease, and have their issues resolved quickly.

If you understand your customers and what their needs are, you can better tailor your entire operational and strategic approach towards keeping them happy.

Happy customers spend more, are loyal, tell their friends and family about you, and are more likely to give you the benefit of the doubt if things go wrong.

3. Enhanced Product Development

Your product development teams can create products tailored toward specific customer avatars. It means your budget is spent on targeted and relevant products that will sell to audiences that actually want to buy them.

You can even involve some of your core customers in product development through early testing, surveys, questionnaires, and focus groups.

It’s an ideal opportunity to not only enhance your product development but also gain an ever-deeper understanding of core audience segments.

4. Dazzlingly Effective Sales and Marketing

It stands to reason, the better your customer profiles, the more successfully targeted and consistent your marketing will be across your entire mix of:

  • Website design and content
  • Social media content
  • Paid ads
  • Content marketing campaigns
  • Landing page copywriting

If you know who you’re talking to, communicating with customers becomes a whole lot easier.

With this info to hand, you can ensure your sales and marketing mix sets the tone with relevant and personalized content that addresses their needs and encourages customers to stay on your website/socials to make a purchase.

You can tailor offers, coupons, sales, and particular products towards your target market and create captivating copy that speaks to your audience. You’ll also save lots of time!

5. Better Brand Positioning

By having customer avatars, you can better position your brand into the minds of your intended target audience and identify your most profitable customers. You may already know what makes your brand unique and different from your competitors.

However, for you to make your messages credible, relevant, believable, motivational, fun, and valuable to customers, you need to know who they are. That way, you can not only better position your brand, but streamline it towards the people who are going to spend money with you.

6. Brand Ambassadors

Your customers are your best ambassadors. By understanding which consumers are most engaged with your brand, spend the most, like your messages, share your content, etc., you’re better equipped to identify them as your brand ambassadors and tailor your messaging to resonate with them.

It’s also a way of being able to nurture those same brand ambassadors long term, including during your product development phases.

7. Better Performing Ads = Better ROI

No one wants to waste money on irrelevant paid ads that result in no new sales leads and conversions. Customer avatars enable you to enhance your Google and social ads, so they actually work.

By knowing who your customers are and what makes them tick, this allows you to create and target ads way more effectively and increase your click-through rate (CTR) and improve your return on investment (ROI).

Ready to Start Using Customer Avatars?

So now you know why it’s essential to match your customer avatars to your brand.

If you’d like to learn more about how we help our customers create customer avatars to attract more customers, increase sales, and keep customers happy, contact us today. We look forward to helping you enhance your marketing game!