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With her passion for integrity and transparency in business, find out how Aveline can assist you in creating a true Market Differential by identifying the gaps in your Customer Journey.

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Aveline will discuss The 7 Stages of the Ideal Customer Journey…

She will explain where most gaps are and the way it is costing your business time, money, reputation and integrity. You’ll be able to see where yours are!

By the end of this call, you will understand exactly what the next step is to take charge of creating a Customer Journey that sets you apart from your competitors.

It’s time to bring back the trust and integrity into your Customer Journey!

Meet Aveline

Aveline is Australia’s first Infusionsoft Certified Partner (since 2008) and has continued to help businesses from across the globe in all aspects of marketing automation, strategy, process and the end-to-end customer experience.

Prior to working in marketing automation, her previous experience was helping large organisations recreating their onboarding and Customer Journeys to improve retention and engagement.  This has given her the perfect foundation for bringing this to life in the Small and Medium Business sector.

What is unique about Aveline is her passion for integrity and trust in business, and her ability to bring that to life with her clients.  She has real insight into understanding root causes of issues fast, and can see the entire Customer Journey gaps and what it will take to heal those for the customer, and the business.

Her vision is to bring back the integrity and trust into the Customer Journeys for businesses and industries, which have long been broken.  “If it’s not mapped then you don’t know what to fix” she says, and “I’m here to protect the journey for the customer”.

She’s blazing a trail for businesses to redefine themselves in a technologically crazy and consumer driven online world.



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Business Owners who 'map the gaps' of their Customer Journey increase their customer retention by over 50%

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