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Never Let Your Customers Forget Your Business Again With Our Branding And Marketing Positioning Services

There is a clear difference between an ordinary brand, and one that stands out to customers, and is always front of mind when they’re thinking of buying goods or services related to it.

At Success Wizards, we want your brand to occupy that position in your customers’ minds, which is why we can help you develop a branding and market positioning strategy that will guide your business to success.

This process is based on our seven pillars of branding success that were designed to transform your business into an outstanding brand.

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We never start implementing plans before we taking the time to get to know your business better. This means that when we start putting the seven pillars process into place, all our decisions are approved by you, and are made from thorough market analysis and informed research.

This is what you can expect from each pillar


We will help you develop a core statement that describes everything your business does. This purpose will be used to give you a clear roadmap on how to approach your digital marketing experience going forward.


With our help, we’ll identify and refine the dominant persona(s) of your target market, and give you innovative ideas on how you can communicate with your potential customers in such a way that it will speak to, and alleviate their most pressing concerns.


We have years of experience helping our clients identify and show the world what it is that makes them unique in their market. In our seven pillars implementation, we do exactly that – give you a brand positioning guideline that shows how you stand apart from the rest, and how you can leverage that to stand out to your target market.

Brand Foundation

Your business is based on certain views and truths that should be seen, however subtly throughout your marketing activities. These truths should play an important role in your business decisions, as they will not only ensure you adhere to your founding principles, but also foster trust in your target market. We can help you identify these principles, and help you integrate them into your communication with the rest of the world.


Working with our branding team ensures that your business will be able to define, without doubt, the experience you want to deliver to your clients. This message will appear clearly and consistently throughout your messaging, enabling you to build trust with your clients in an effective and sustainable way.


Your business has a personality, one that has to shine through to all your marketing activities. Our services will help you to create communication that connects with your target market in such a way that your distinct brand personality shines through, ensuring that every time you talk with your audiences, you remain memorable.


None of the above pillars would be effective if you didn’t know where you want your business to be. Many businesses struggle with this pillar in particular, which is why our team will help you identify what success looks like for you and your business, and help you see what the steps are that will get you there.

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