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Modern businesses rely on smart software solutions to help them work faster and more efficiently. From client management and communication tools through to invoice tracking and payments, clever automated solutions such as a CRM for small business can help you save time and money by minimizing repetitive tasks. Keap is a new product on the marketplace, with this simple yet powerful service featuring an intuitive user interface and fantastic flow-through design. This software provides key automation features to service existing clients so you can focus on capturing new leads and growing your business.


Keap solves a real problem

After researching the market and analyzing the needs of small businesses, the team behind Keap noticed a few common themes. While everyone wants to focus on new leads in order to get people in their pipeline, time and resources are often taken up with managing existing clients. This is even truer with service-based businesses. While it’s important to look after the people who’ve invested in your service, a lot of the work involved is repetitive and best left to the robots. Keap offers the best of both worlds by combining automated services to help you get new clients with other features dedicated to looking after your existing clients. It’s a truly integrated and intuitive CRM for small business.


Key features of Keap

Keap combines a number of services in one easy-to-use interface, including lead capture, follow up, appointments, CRM, quotes, invoices, and even an integrated sales and payments solution. How you use Keap is completely up to you, with users able to use and integrate services to help improve workflow and productivity. Unlike other tools on the market, Keap offers access to a diverse range of solutions in a single interface.

Client management – Centralize client information across devices, independent of location.
Appointment scheduler – Links to Google Calendar and organizes your appointments from one easy-to-use interface.
Quotes – Send quotes to single or multiple clients with the click of a button.
Invoices and payments – Centralize your invoicing and receive money through multiple payment options.
Business integration – Keap already includes hundreds of plug-ins, and more will be developed over time.
Pipeline – Tracking sales and orders is much less challenging through Keap’s custom dashboard.


Benefits of Keap

Unlike other business tools, Keap has been designed specifically for service-based businesses.
The team behind the software is familiar with the challenges of running a small business and has found novel new ways to streamline common administrative tasks.
If you enjoy doing more than what’s required for your clients but don’t want to waste any more time and resources, Keap is a fantastic solution being a true CRM for small business.
From the early days of lead capture and efficient scheduling through to making appointments and getting paid, Keap is a fully featured and well integrated solution that’s here to help. This is the best tool in automating your marketing efforts so you can focus on other areas of your business. 

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